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Survey Integration


Including limited-time or permanent surveys in your existing branded platforms is a great way to help you get more responses and gather more valuable customer data that helps you improve your bottom line.

We can integrate customized, professional surveys into your company website, landing pages, email marketing lists, social media channels, and more—providing you with seamless survey content that matches your brand and delivers results.

Features of our integrated surveys

Our powerful, flexible surveys can be customized to achieve a wide range of formats, goals, objectives, and data capture strategies. Just a few of the many features we offer for integrated surveys include:

  • A huge library of question types from simple to advanced: radio buttons, dropdown menus, drag-and-drop rank order, Continuous Sum, Likert Scales, and many more—including the ability to build your own custom question types

  • Intelligent survey actions such as respondent answer review, automatic email send, hidden value tracking, outside data integration, data pushing, browser redirect, save-and-continue, and much more

  • Advanced survey logic, branching, piping, and randomization, enabling highly interactive surveys that validate and respond to your respondents' answers

  • Robust branding features that ensure seamless integration with the look and feel of your existing platforms—including custom URLs and zero third-party advertising

  • Advanced features for distribution, data collection, reporting, and analysis

Integrate surveys flawlessly into your existing platforms

Integrated custom surveys are a powerful tool for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to get started now!


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