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Survey Execution & Distribution

survey-administrationWhen you have a survey that's well designed, with the right questions in the right format, it's time to send it out for responses. But once again, there's more to survey execution and distribution than firing off a link to your email marketing list and calling it a day.

You need to host your online survey somewhere dependable, with mechanisms in place that make it easy for respondents to answer—and easy for you to gather data. You need to reach not only enough people to take your survey, but the right people. And you need everything coordinated to happen in your desired time frame.

From coding to support, we've got you covered

Proper execution and distribution for an online survey can be a daunting process. That's why our experts will handle the whole thing, from start to finish. We offer full-service online survey hosting, including coding and programming for questions of every complexity level.

informatix-survey-execution-distributionLet us handle the details

We'll build your respondent lists and cleanse repeated and unnecessary data. We'll distribute your survey, and notify you of any undeliverable or bounced emails. And we provide you with ongoing technical support throughout the process.

Contact us to learn more, or to get started today!



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