In every successful business, your people are your most important resource—which means the better your people, the better your company as a whole. You can help your people improve their skills, their motivation, and their productivity with custom quizzes.

We provide a wide range of custom quizzes, built on the powerful and flexible survey software platform, to help your employees gain valuable skills and reach optimal performance.

The benefits of quizzes

Several studies have demonstrated the value of tests, quizzes, and assessments for learners of all ages. The primary benefits of quizzes include:

Learning reinforcement: In educational and training scenarios, quizzes require test takers to purposefully search their memories for the correct answer. The act of purposeful recollection serves as a self-generated mnemonic device that allows them to recall the information at will, even after the quiz.

Skills assessment: Particularly in compliance testing, quizzes let you as an employer know which of your staff has learned and retained the information they need, and which will need to reinforce their knowledge in order to maintain safety and compliance.

Motivation: Quizzes are a challenge to be conquered. The act of presenting employees with a quiz gets them motivated to learn, in an effort to perform well on the test.

Increase productivity with a staff that's motivated to learn


Custom quizzes that meet your business needs

At OnlineSurveys, we create, host, and administer customizes quizzes that help you achieve the goals you want for your employees.

We provide two main types of quizzes:

Quizzes scored with pass/fail: These types of multiple choice quizzes give test takers a pass/fail score based on the percentage of correct versus incorrect answers. Pass/fail quizzes can be tailored for nearly any type of training, education, or compliance topics. You can have test takers shown the correct answer when an incorrect response is given, or have the quiz automatically restart if too many incorrect answers are given.

Quizzes scored with tally: This quiz gives test takers a final tallied score based on total points scored, and provides an analysis of the respondent's answers at the end. Tally quizzes are a good choice for assessment and categorizing tasks, such as personality tests.

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